Community Kicks

Introducing BTFC ‘Community Kicks’

Basingstoke Town Football Club are pleased to announce a new community project, BTFC Community Kicks. The project beginning on February 15th will give an opportunity for children to train with the senior club of the town. The first team play in the National Conference South, the full time academy play in the National Conference Youth Alliance and the youth academy (10-16) participate in the Junior Premier League. The club have a clear pathway in place for any aspiring football player to develop. The coaching team employed by Basingstoke Town is the best in the local area with 5 UEFA qualified coaches and 7 FA Level 2 coaches now available to take football sessions. This gives players of all ages in the community the best opportunity to develop further. We make training challenging to every child and this will make all the difference. Double this with our number 1 rule, having fun, this project is ideal for any player looking to learn, improve and excel.

By providing a pressure free and enjoyable environment for players to learn in, we will help them on their journey to reach their full potential. As a club we will instil confidence, positivity and innovation into our players. This will contribute to them becoming creative footballers who play with the correct mindset.

Youth Sponsor – The Coaching Family

  • An account from social media that has over 40,000 followers.
  • Promote support for coaches and also run national events.
  • We will receive exposure via social media.
  • We are the first club worldwide that has been sponsored by ‘The Coaching Family’.

Growth and Squad Identification

  • Squads to be capped at 15 players only depending on age group
  • There will be a new club on a Saturday morning from our ‘Soccer Saturday’s at The Camrose’ project
  • The new club is for 6-9 year old’s looking for an introduction to football
  • There will now be an extended development centre formed
  • Two different schemes of work to be used to maximise player potential

Youth Structure

Coming Soon!

Playing Philosophy

Our playing philosophy consists of four main areas:

Keep the ball with patience looking for the correct time to penetrate.

Delay, cover, support, control and restrain the opponent.

Press the opponent in an organised fashion to win back ball possession.

Try and counter attack or keep possession.

Programme Structure

The youth set up will be subdivided into 3 phases of development:

  • The Foundation Phase for ages 5-11
    (BTFC development squads 5 – 8, JPL entry phase 9 – 11)
  • The Advanced Phase for ages 12-16
  • The Academy Phase for ages 16-18
    (Full time and part time teams available)

Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase is the starting point for all young players within the youth set up. This starts at under 7 through to under 11. The programme children will benefit from will be largely technical with a lot of decision making. We will strive to provide each player with quality support by targeting the development of the player as a whole, providing a comprehensive framework for the young footballer to progress through our youth structure at BTFC.

Foundation Phase training sessions will consist of technical exercises with occasionally un-opposed scenario’s but largely opposed practices. Small sided games will be key in the development of these children to build understanding in pressured situations.  We will ensure all players are given the time to play and develop key intellectual properties and the opportunity to link key object control and movement skills with game application. This will provide several benefits for the player including:

  1. Enhanced decision making capabilities.
  2. Enhanced game understanding.
  3. Enhanced problem solving skills.
  4. Exploration of basic skills, actions and ideas.
  5. Understanding the process of selecting and applying skills in sequence and combination.
  6. Evaluating and improving performance through intrinsic/extrinsic feedback.

Development Phase

The Advanced Development Phase is the second phase of three for our players and will strive to build on the technical, physical and decision making gains of the Foundation Phase. Tactical understanding will now be applied and socially the group will be required to be very good. The objective is to consolidate their understanding of the 9 v 9 and 11 v 11 game whilst learning to compete. There is one syllabus in place that will provide a thorough framework for age-group coaches to work from; ensuring all contact time incorporates meaningful practice, repetition and maintenance of key skills and specific fitness developments.

  • Second phase of advancement for our players.
  • Build on the technical, physical and decision making gains of the Foundation Phase.
  • Consolidate understanding of 9 v 9 and 11 v 11 game.
  • One syllabus in place with thorough framework for age-group coaches to work from.

Key Development Areas

  • Technical practices
  • Opposed environments
  • Small sided games
  • Confidence building
  • Freedom with a ball
  • Experiencing new challenges

Benefits of Small Sided Games

We believe that the smaller the area in which games take place, the more touches and involvement you will have participating as a player. Below is proven research to support our philosophy. Small sided games have been found to have:

  • 135% more passes
  • 260% more scoring attempts
  • 500% more goals scored
  • 225% more 1 v 1 Encounters
  • 280% more dribbles

[The above stats were monitored and assessed by Manchester United within their academy. These stats were compared against an 8 v 8 set]

The Scheme of Work

All age groups will work off two schemes of work throughout the season. These will be drawn from our philosophy on how we develop players and how we want them moulded for the future. There will be a syllabus for the session either on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Topics in the 2016 Syllabus

  • 1 v 1 Defending
  • Beating an opponent 1 v 1
  • Ball Manipulation – When to use intelligence to get out of under loaded situations
  • Dealing with pressure in under loaded situations
  • Passing, moving and feinting

Training for 2016

Training sessions in 2016 will take place once a week. Our training schedule will commence from February 15th and continue until July. The duration of the project will increase the chances of improving every player as a whole.

  • Under 7s: Monday (additional evening on Wednesday)
  • Under 8s: Monday (additional evening on Wednesday)
  • Under 9s: Tuesday
  • Under 10s: Tuesday
  • Under 11s: Thursday
  • Under 12s: Thursday
  • Under 13s: Thursday
  • Under 14s: Tuesday

Training Times/Venues

  • Under 7s: Monday – 5.45pm – 7pm – The Camrose 3G
    (Will move to Wednesday 5pm – 6pm when Monday is full)
  • Under 8s: Monday – 5.45pm – 7pm – The Camrose 3G
    (Will move to Wednesday 5pm – 6pm when Monday is full)
  • Under 9s: Tuesday – 5pm – 6pm – Everest Academy
  • Under 10s: Tuesday – 5pm – 6pm – Everest Academy
  • Under 11s: Thursday – 5pm – 6pm – The Camrose 3G
  • Under 12s: Thursday – 5pm – 6pm – The Camrose 3G
  • Under 13s: Thursday – 5pm – 6pm – The Camrose 3G
  • Under 14s: Tuesday – 5pm – 6pm – Everest Academy

What We Can Offer

  • Training on state of the art surfaces
  • FA/UEFA qualified coaching staff. All possess a full DBS check.
  • 3 exhibition fixtures plus a tournament.
  • Clear progression for any player wishing to develop further in our academy set up.
  • Opportunities to represent the club in a game environment.
  • Website awareness.
  • Play for Basingstoke Town and your grass roots set up. No ‘1 club policy’.
  • A safe, fun learning environment which will contribute to players reaching their full potential.
  • A training programme in place until July 2016. Far longer than any grass roots set up

In football, technique is the execution of a decision. In gymnastics, technique is the execution of a technique - Raymond Verheijen