Council Turn Down FREE Stadium

That is the outcome after around ten years of discussions and negotiations with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.

After spending a considerable amount of money working towards a stadium to be built on land west of the Hilton Hotel at Black Dam, the Council’s original choice of location, the Cabinet on Tuesday evening decided “To advise the Football Club that there is no available or appropriate land in the council’s ownership for relocation of the stadium and bring a halt to consideration of the Old Common, whilst confirming support for the club at its current location.”

We await confirmation in writing.

The protests were over the loss of open space. Councillors who had objected were part of cross party meetings last year who also failed to agree on any other site in the borough to enable a new stadium to be built. They have decided they do not think a new stadium built at no cost to the taxpayer is required and the council now are of the view there is no suitable land available and encourage the club to remain at the Camrose.

The club quite clearly are dumbfounded and dismayed at this decision and feel money and time has been wasted by the club as it appears that councillors have used politics to reach this conclusion, without thinking of the wider benefits to the town.

Many members of the public leaving the meeting expressed their support for the club and wished us well, stating they feel we have been let down by the council.

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council will surely go down as one of the first councils in the country to turn down an excellent opportunity to have a new facility.

Chairman, Rafi Razzak commented “I am extremely disappointed at the decision, having spent so many years believing the Council wanted this to happen and working alongside us to achieve what we thought were joint aims. I have supported and backed the club for many years and will continue to do so whilst reflecting on this decision.”

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  1. Mark Chapman

    I feel very sorry for the club and the fans for a council that is very short sited they can not see what a big opportunity they are throwing away for the town.

  2. John Lawton

    What a let down! but what could you expect from a stick in the mud council like Basingstoke, true the Camrose could be developed but you have to think would it be big enough if town should ever reach the football league? I feel the council have listened to the protesters and have not considered the implications for a town the size of Basingstoke.

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